Visiting Austin Texas? Ready For A Good Time?

"I'm visiting Austin Texas. What should I do while I'm there?"

That's a very common question from non-locals. But, because there's so much to do and even more to see, its not a question easily answered in a single sitting... ...Austin Texas is known worldwide for many of it's annual events, festivals, and occasions...

Austin Music Fest, South By Southwest, Austin Film Festival....and that's not all...

Maybe you've heard that natives like to "keep Austin Weird", or that it's the "Live Music Capital of the World". Or that cowboy boots and big hats sometimes pass as formal wear in Austin. While we are boastfully proud of our talented musicians. And some of us occasionally wear alligator Lucchese to banquets, there's so much more to experience while visiting Austin Texas.

It's a magnificent place with rolling hills, refreshing springs, scenic lakes, and a spectacularly seductive skyline. Because people from all walks of life live here, Austin can't really be classified as just a college town, high tech city, or music mecca, etc. Simply put, Austin is our Home.

And in our eyes, Austin is Magical. Why? Because, it's a city that becomes whatever you want it to be.

For example, if you're toting the kids and you need Austin to be a family town, Voila, you got it! Parks, Kids Museums, Family Tours, Water parks, and spring fed community pools are within your reach.

However, if you need Austin to be an upbeat, fast-paced, funky town, Presto! we've got that too. 6th Street night life, music festivals and Jazzy clubs are just a few steps away. Perhaps you're a nature lover, looking for a quiet, peaceful, green vacation. Allakhazam! Austin has some of the most beautiful gardens, rolling hills, springs, and nature parks you've ever seen!

And I haven't even mentioned golfing, canoeing, caving, hiking, and sports events. Whew! I told you there was a lot. The point is, whatever you're looking for, Austin has it. Even after living here for decades. I still haven't managed to experience ALL that Austin has to offer. But, it's nice to know that when I'm ready to experience it--Austin is more than ready to deliver.

You're sure to have a great time while visiting Austin Texas! Unless, that is, you're a complete stick in the mud...But then again, How could anyone be a stick in the mud in the ATX?




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Austin Town Lake is beautiful. Enjoy walking, jogging, or just taking in the scenery.


"That's right you're not from Texas, but Texas wants you anyway!!!"

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