Austin Airport Parking Options
depend on budget and preference...

The Parking Garage
You have plenty of options for Austin airport parking. Most people like to park their cars in the garage. Just across from the terminal there’s a huge parking garage.

If you can afford the $20.00 per day, this is the option for you. If you drive in; decide not to park in the garage, you won’t have to pay as long as you haven’t been in the garage more than 30 minutes.

Lot A Parking
Right next to the parking garage, is what is called Lot A parking. If you don’t mind uncovered parking, this parking lot isn’t a bad option either. As a matter of fact its half the cost of the parking garage. The cost is about $10.00 per day and like the garage, you only pay a fee if you stay longer than 30 minutes. The fee is something like 2 bucks per hour.

Free Parking Lot
I’ve parked my vehicle in ABIA parking lot a few times. There are thousands of spaces and free shuttles come around regularly to pick up parkers. It only takes a few minutes to get to the terminal from the parking lot. Sometimes the shuttles may be crowded. But if you wait a few minutes another will come around soon.

Valet Parking
On the upper level there's valet parking for about $24 per day. You just pull up to the curb and leave your car with the attendant. Personally, I've never used this service, so I can't offer any experience.

All lots offer parking for the disabled. The parking is also well lit and patrolled by Airport police.

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