Austin Bergstrom Airport

Austin Bergstrom Airport
isn't the only way to get here...

Depending on your preference, you can arrive via flight to Austin Bergstrom Airport or by scenic land travel.

Air Arrivals

Austin Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA)
The opening of the new Austin Bergstrom Airport in 1999 opened more opportunities for flights to Austin Texas from all over the world.

By air, you will be arriving at ABIA located about a 10 minute drive from downtown—which can easily turn into 20 or 30 minutes in heavy traffic.

Flights to Austin are usually pretty reliable, but if you’re coming in and you have an appointment, please give yourself plenty of time.

Coming to and from the Austin Airport, traffic is heaviest during morning and evening rush hours (between 7 am and 8: 30 ish) and around 5 o’clock (between 5pm and 6:30 pm ish).

You won’t experience much of Austin’s beauty as soon as you arrive at ABIA, in fact you may be a bit disappointed with some of the highway projects going on, but not to worry, the beauty is just beyond the construction.

Speaking of highways, there are plenty of transportation options upon your arrival. There’s shuttle service to major hotels; limousine, car rental, taxis, and Capital Metro bus service.

Airports In and Around Austin:

Bird's Nest Airport
Carter Memorial Airport
Georgetown Municipal Airport
Kittie Hill Airport
Lakeway Airpark
Lockhart Municipal
Rusty Allen Airport
San Marcos Municipal Airport
Smithville Crawford Municipal Airport
Taylor Municipal Airport

Arriving by Land

Greyhound Bus
I've traveled on Greyhound several times from Austin to Houston, Dallas, etc. Take a blanket, it does get cold on board in the evenings. And you might want to take a book for night reading, as well as a light snack. Find departure time and fare information for Austin

Capital Metro
Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (aka Cap Metro) is a great way to get around Austin (to from ABIA, downtown,across town etc.). The schedules are flexible and the fares are cheap--much cheaper than gas.

The buses can get a bit hectic at times, but in my experience, people are friendly enough on the ones I've ridden. Metro has over 3,000 bus stops throughout Central Texas. Check out Metro's Page

Car Rentals
There are numerous car rental agencies in and around Austin. If you're flying in, you can pick up a car at the airport. That's probably the easiest way to do it. Otherwise you can take a cab to the rental agency of your choice.

The cab drivers will know how to get you there, just be sure to have the address information handy.

Limousine Rentals
You always have the option of riding in style. Limousines and luxury cars will pick you up and deliver you safely to your destination.

Railway Transportation
Passenger Rail Service is available via Amtrak's Texas Eagle (Chicago-San Antonio), which serves Austin daily and travelers can connect in San Antonio with the Sunset Limited (Orlando- Las Angeles). Amtrak Schedules and Rates

...My choice? Probably Austin Bergstrom Airport--but only because I'm not the most patient traveler in the world:)...

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Austin Town Lake is beautiful. Enjoy walking, jogging, or just taking in the scenery.


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