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There are 10 or so Airlines servicing Austin Bergstrom International Airport. I’m most familiar with American Airlines, Continental, United and Southwest. My favorite, I have to say is Southwest.

Because of they’re economical and their flight schedule, in my opinion is much more predictable than American Airlines. I really don’t have a problem with Continental or United for that matter. Ether of them could be my second choice. Here’s the list of airlines servicing ABIA.

1. Air Canada 1-888-247-2262
2. American Airlines 1-800-433-7300
3. Continental Airlines 1-800-523-3273
4. Delta Air Lines 1-800-221-1212
5. Frontier Airlines 1-800-432-1359
6. JetBlue Airways 1-800-538-2583
7. Northwest Airlines 1-800-225-2525
8. Southwest Airlines 1-800-435-9792
9. United Airlines 1-800-241-6522
10. US Airways 1-800-428-4322
11. VivaAerobus

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