Austin Gas Prices

Austin gas prices are just as crazy as everyone else’s. Of course the term "crazy" is relative. I'm sure the gas prices in some cities are ridiculously crazy!

What's really odd are the price differences from one gas station to the next. And I mean "next" literally. I was in San Antonio recently and noticed a price difference of 12 cents between two gas stations that were just across the street from each other.

Throughout the rest of the city I noticed that the gas prices were all over the place. There wasn't much in the way of consistency. See the Austin Gas Map

Austin is a little better. At least between the gas stations adjacent to eachother. I just filled up my sedan and it cost me about $55. The lower gas prices are around 3.40 per gallon and the higher gas prices are a few pennies less than 3.80.

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See more things to do I still haven't managed to experience ALL that Austin has to offer. But, it's nice to know that when I'm ready to experience it--Austin is more than ready to deliver.

You're sure to have a great time while visiting Austin Texas!

...unless, that is, you're a complete stick in the mud...

But then again, How could anyone be a stick in the mud in the ATX?

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