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Austin Pizza Places
Nothing beats a good pizza. There are all kinds of pizza places in Austin, Texas. There are fast delivery style pizza restaurants and there are well-known dine-in locations that are well known for their pizza. Whichever way you go, the kids will enjoy any one of these pizza spots. My top two pizza restaurants are the Brick Oven and Mr. Gattis.

Brick Oven Pizza
If you're staying downtown and want to go out, I would recommend the Brick Oven Pizza. They specialize in "authentic" Italian food. But the pizza is really great. It's prepared in huge wood burning brick ovens. Their pastas, calzones, and soups are pretty good to. This would be a good place to go especially if, let's say, half of your party wants pizza, but the other half doesn't. see More

Mr. Gattis
Don't want to leave your room, but have a craving for good pizza? Dial 459-2222 for Mr. Gattis delivery. The pan pizza is the best if you like thick crust. I order the cheese pizza when I'm being calorie conscious. But when I'm really hungry, I order the baked apple treats or the cinnamon sticks. Mmmm. You can also go to one of the locations for the buffets. Inside the restaurants they have party rooms and big screens. The Gatti-Land or Gatti-Town locations offer arcade fun for the kids and kids at heart.

Austin Park N Pizza
Warning, this is a place for young and old kids. Its very noisy, but fun. There are rides, arcades, and activities. So like, Gatti Land, for pizza and family fun, this is another good choice.

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