What's Your Favorite
Austin Shopping Spot?

Favorite Austin Shopping...

Shopping is usually at the top of most people's vacation itinerary. And definitely at the top of every local's weekend itinerary.

Below is a quick list of the major shopping malls in Austin. These aren't in alphabetical order because I've listed them in order of most to least frequented (by me).

I've listed the ones that I like most at the top of the list. They all have a certain charm and what you're looking for will determine what shop(s) you choose as part of your Austin Shopping experience.

With that said, here's my list of major shopping arenas in and around the Austin area:

Barton Creek Mall
The Domain
Lakeline Mall
Congress Avenue
Dobie Mall
Highland Mall
Northcross Mall
The Drag
Hill Country Galleria
Popular Outlet Malls

If you have a favorite Austin Shopping center, let us know. There are many more shops that I could list as part of the Austin Shopping experience, but the list above is comprised of centers that I'm most familiar with.

As I collect input from other Austin family members, I'll post their comments and suggestions as well! The more the better, right?

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