Austin Steam Train

Austin Steam Train Ride
The Austin Steam Train is Super fun especially for kids. The train originates in Cedar Park Texas and goes on a 2 hour ride to Burnet Texas. You can plan a ride for any weekend all year round.

On/Off-Board Entertainment
Sometimes the train staff have been known to put on a skit for entertainment. And there's a stop in Burnet that allows for lunch and shopping before returning to Cedar Park.

Note: A lot of shops are closed on Sunday, so that's not a good day to choose if you want to shop around.

Coach, Excursion or Lounge
You have your choice of Coach car, Excursion car or Lounge car. Keep in mind the Excursion and Lounge have the coveted Air Conditioning. Austin summer heat can be brutal! Call in advance for seats on these cars because they're usually the first to go.

Eating on Board Austin Steam Train
You are allowed to bring a light lunch with you on the train. But keep in mind that the Lounge Cars offer complimentary snacks. And snacks are sold in the concession car as well.

Reserve Tickets for Austin Steam Train
The cost for tickets range from $10 to $25 bucks. Check the ticket prices to be sure they're still the same.

The Austin Steam Train is a favorite for all ages. Keep in mind that older kids may not get the same thrill as the younger ones, so you might encourage your tween/teen to bring along an MP3 Player for the ride (my teen is easily bored). But all in all, the ride is fun.

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