Austin Texas Flower Shop Recommendations

Austin Texas Flower Shop Ideas

Okay, for some reaon you need a florist. Which florist depends on the occasions. Is this a special occasion and you really want to impress someone? Or is this more of a "thank you" occasion but nothing really special is required?

If your answer is the former, then I recommend Charlotte's Fiesta Flowers. They have beautiful arrangements and the price is pretty reasonable, I think. Plus I'm a fan of beautiful exotic arrangements and Charlottes has beautiful ones. (Toll Free: 866-374-7827 Local: 512-453-7619 )

Now if you don't need a "wow factor" response, then you have a whole lot of of option on nearly every street corner. Well maybe not that many, but there are a lot of florists in Austin Texas. One shop that I and several friends use and have for years is Airport Florist. They are reliable, have a great selection. The flowers are fresh and the price is right. (512) 476-4871

If you want to hang out in a cool atmosphere, maybe grab some lunch and do a little shopping while you check out a florist, go to Texas Blooms in the Triangle. The Triangle is relatively new spot in Austin on N. Lamar blvd. They've been around over 30 years and do custom/creative arrangements. I've never personally used though.

Another Austin favorite is King's Florist. I didn't find them under the greatest of circumstances. They helped us out with mom's funeral. They are great people and will really do their best to help you with what you need whether it's a wedding, birth, or death. (512-453-6633)

Last but not least, if you are like me and love to internet shop you can always visit FTD.com or Flowers.com. But, who wants to do that, right? (wink)

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Austin Town Lake is beautiful. Enjoy walking, jogging, or just taking in the scenery.


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