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Google has a great mapping system (sorry Mapquest). You can view your destination, literally,images of streets, signs, landmarks, and buildings.

I've broken the Austin Texas maps out by popular parts of the city. The maps are really cool. Just click on the points of intrest and you'll get a birds eye view of the area.

Austin is too difficult to get around. But, you it is possible to get lost on some of our roads. Many of the roads have two names. I know that sounds weird.

For example, Ed Bluestein becomes 183 and then it becomes Anderson Lane and at some point it becomes Research Blvd.

Quite tricky if you don't know your way around. And let's not forget Koenig Lane, which is also 2222.

One thing about Austin though, people are very friendly. And if you get lost, just pull over and ask. The best way to head off getting lost is to access google maps or purchase yourself a printed map of Austin.

Downtown Austin Maps

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East Austin Map

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North Austin Texas Map

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South Austin Map

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West Austin Map

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Austin Town Lake is beautiful. Enjoy walking, jogging, or just taking in the scenery.


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