Which Austin Texas Restaurants
Do We Love?

If there's one thing Austin has plenty of, its food! There are tons of Austin Texas restaurants to choose from, but for us locals, some local eateries stand out above the rest. That why we go to them time and time again.

Note: We haven't discussed this yet, but don't be too concerned about the Austin Texas Restaurants dress codes. Pretty much in Austin, there is no dress code. I've been to really nice restaurants and seen people in jeans.

It's just the way we are around here. Very laid back. With that said, here are the best, Austin Texas restaurants favored by locals:

Favorite Bar B Que Spots
Finger-licking is the best way that I can describe Austin Barbecue. Here are some favorites of mine and my friends:

Stubb's: An Austin favorite. My friends love the food, but for me, the live entertainment and atmosphere are the real draw. See More.
Saltlick: Another place people rave over. A good place to go if you want to experience some Austin flavor. Located in the Hill country. See More.
Ironworks: Good Barbecue. Centrally located. And apparently Vince Young loves it. See More.
County Line: My friends brag about it along with everyone else, so it makes the list.See More.
Don's BBQ: Great. Not too much grease and very well seasoned. See More.
Southside Market: Excellent (very greasy though). And unfortunately they are in Elgin about 30 minutes outside of Austin down 290. But they have some of the best barbecue. That's probably why they're so famous. See More.

Buffet Style
Luby's: If I had to choose a favorite Luby's would be it. Though the prices have gone up over the years, the food is still good down home style and the desserts are the bomb!

Best Burger Joints
I can eat cheese burgers for lunch every day. And I'm not talking McDonald's--not that I haven't been known to crave McD's fries.
Dan's Hamburgers
Hut's Hamburgers
Phil's Icehouse

Chinese Food
PF Chang's
China Star

Fancy/Intimate Places
Maybe you're on a romantic get-away and want to have a really nice dinner. Well if you were a local you might go to one of these places:
Green Pastures: I went here for my birthday. Very nice atmosphere and great food. A little pricey, but I'm worth it...lol
Eddie V's
Louie's 106
Roaring Fork
Houston's: This is a nice place. The atmosphere is nice and comfortable. Their food is excellent. My favorite is the fillet Mignon. They also have an impressive wine selection. More importantly service is wonderful. See More

Italian Food
Macaroni Grill
Olive Garden

Movie and Dinner
Alamo Draft House: Went here for an outing and loved it! Great concept. Enjoy a movie and eat your food at the same time. See More.

Seafood Places
I have to say here, how much I hate that Landry's Seafood is no longer in Austin. I'm still in mourning over the loss. Okay, on with the list:
Pappadeaux's Seafood: I love this place. My friends and I go often. They're pretty crowded sometimes so expect at least a 20 min wait when its busy.
Catfish Parlour
Shoreline Grill
Springhill Catfish This is another favorite of mine. Its in South Austin. The food and the service great.


Scenery and Music
Oasis: Oh, they top my list for scenery. Eat out on the balcony with a beautiful view of the lake and sunset. It's wonderful, casual, and perfect for scenery. Now the food, well it'll do. But who cares, it's freaking gorgeous out there. See More.
Hula Hut: Also very nice. It's on Lake Austin and you can sit outside on the deck as well. The food is also memorable. See More

Steak and Tators
Texas Land and Cattle Co.: Whenever I'm craving Salmon and baked sweet potatoes, this is my spot. They also have a killer strawberry cheesecake. See More

Tex Mex Favorites
Ooh La La. Love me some Tex Mex. Austin has some great Mexican food restaurants. And you can tell it to, because these restaurants are always packed with customers:
El Patio
El Arroyo

Variety of Dishes Served
Magnolia Cafe: A great Austin original. See More
Texas Chili Parlor
Chili's: I can eat their skillet queso any day of the week.
Threadgills: Great down-home style food. I love the chicken fried stake and mashed potatoes. See More
Kerbey Lane: My friends like it. And I've overheard some of the upper management at my job raving about it. So who am I to judge. See More

I'll continue to add to the list as more come to mind. But for now this is a pretty good list of Austin Texas restaurants that should keep you well-fed for quite a while.

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