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In Austin Things To Do

Oh, My-What To Do
There are a smorgasbord of things to see and do in Austin Texas. Do you have an interest in nature and wildlife? There are state parks, springs,and botanical gardens.

Like taking tours (by boats or on foot)? Do you enjoy being scared by haunted tours. Or are landmark tours more your speed? If you're a history buff, Austin has a rich past and you can learn all about it.

No matter what you enjoy, there's something for you to do.

Fun for Kids
Maybe you don't want to take the tiny tots on the haunted tour. That could make for a sleepless night. But, there's plenty of other things for Kids to do in Austin that don't involve scaring the hair off their tiny heads.

For instance, Zilker Park has a cool train ride that kids love (and me). And the Austin Children's Museum is just the right size and has plenty of activities to keep them busy and entertained.

And the little people can also enjoy museums, pools, farms, and zoos.

Food and Family Fun
If you want to feed them and entertain them at the same time, there's always the old faithful entertaining Pizza venues like Chuck E Cheese, Gatti*land, and Austin's Park N Pizza--kids love those places. Oh and the Austin Steam Train offers a couple of hours of fun and food.

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